Gastectomy Surgery Results in Dallas


Randal discusses his weight loss surgery results following treatment at our Dallas office (North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A.).

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RANDAL: My name's Randal Smith. I've had the gastric sleeve. And the reason I came to Dr. Veninga was he was referred to me by another physician. We came in for the interview, he explained things very well, put my mind at ease, answered all my questions, felt very comfortable about having the procedure. I had tried other diets, I had--some were successful but the weight always came back on. I had reached the point in my life, I had lost a very close loved one, made me start thinking about my long-term health and I decided that, you know, I was going to take this into my own hands. My health was beginning to deteriorate. The doctor had told me that I was on my way to being diabetic, I had high blood pressure, had joint pain. So I decided it was time to do something about it. The threat of diabetes struck very close home to me because my father is a diabetic, has been for over 50 years, and I've seen the lifestyle changes and restrictions that he has on his life, and that was the last thing I wanted in my life, and the idea of having the surgery was that I was going to extend my life, and be around for my children and grandchildren. The reason I decided to have this procedure was the risk of complications was less as compared to other procedures. The procedure was very simple. I mean, as far as surgery goes, I stayed in the hospital overnight. After the surgery, I lost weight very rapidly and I started noticing a difference within two or three weeks. I went to the World Series game in Arlington in 2010 and that was about a week before I started the procedure for the gastric sleeve, and I bought this shirt and of course, now, I think I can probably get in it twice, it's that large, which I look back at and go was I really that big? Seeing quick results was paramount to continuing and just reaffirming the decision that I had made. I absolutely would do the procedure over again. I'm a lot more active than I used to be. I get up in the morning, I feel rested. I get up in the morning and walk on the treadmill for an hour, and then go to work and work all day and never get tired. Just, there's something about being in control of your health that makes you feel better as well as the increased energy, you know, no joint pains, no other health issues going on. Just makes you feel good about yourself. I would recommend Dr. Veninga and his staff because of the care that you'll receive. Dr. Veninga's surgery skills, in my case, were very, very, very good. They care about you, they're there to answer your questions, and they're there to support you in your decision and make sure that you understand the ramifications and understand the decision you're making.