Laparoscopic Surgery Dallas - North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A.


North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A. offers laparoscopic surgery to patients throughout the greater Dallas area. This treatment offers less healing time and minimal scarring.

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DR. FRANK VENINGA: Most of the cases done today are done laparoscopically, whether it's general surgery or bariatric surgery. What this means is small incisions are made through the skin, we then, under usually direct visualization enter into the abdominal cavity, insufflate it with carbon dioxide. We then can place additional trocars through the abdominal wall and watch what we're doing on a TV monitor. Through these trocars we place long instruments and we're able to perform basically the same operations which were done open. The primary advantage of this is that people recover far faster because the wounds are smaller and there's considerably less pain.