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There are a specific number of calories needed to maintain a pound of fat for a day. We can help you understand the principal of calories per pound of fat at our practice in Dallas, North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A.

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DR. FRANK VENINGA: I'd like to say a few things about calories and calorie consumption. There are approximately 4,000 calories in one pound of fat. What most people don't understand is that different tissues that we have in a resting energy expenditure state, that is not an exercise state. Different tissues use energy differently. Our brain and our liver are our highest maintenance tissues. Our fat is the lowest. Therefore, it only takes five or six calories per pound of fat per day to be maintained. An individual who is 100 pounds overweight is actually only overeating compared to a slender person five or 600 calories in excess, assuming no weight loss or weight gain, that their weight is stable. Therefore, all bariatric surgeries, long-term are really trying to lower your intake a relatively small amount, percentage-wise. That is the hope of bariatric surgery and the hope of weight loss.