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Educating patients about obesity and weight loss surgery is crucial at North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A. We provide weight loss surgery to communities throughout the greater Dallas area.

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DR. FRANK VENINGA: People come to see me simply because they're overweight and at this point they can't stand it anymore. I have operated upon lawyers, teachers, people from all walks of life and if they apply themselves with the benefit of the band or other bariatric operations, they have a very good opportunity to actually succeed whereas in the past they have had less then optimal results. One of the things which we do differently, I believe at North Texas Bariatric, is that I believe we do our very best to educate the individuals as to what they're getting involved in. We have to be certain that they understand what the procedure is about and understand how we got to this situation where the whole society is actually getting heavier. There are reasons for this, which are obviously if you think about them, but until you realize them, you can't use them to help manage your weight.