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Bariatric Surgery Dallas


Dr. Veninga of North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery, P.A., has extensive experience in general and bariatric surgery, and provides his talents to the greater Dallas area.

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FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Veninga is very personable. He's the type of guy that if I called at 3:00 in the morning with a problem he'd be here, he'd meet me here. FEMALE VOICE 1: He's an outstanding doctor in all aspects. MALE VOICE: Every step of the way he just like was right there beside me. FEMALE VOICE: He is very honest and frank and just really easy to talk to and that's really important for me. DR. FRANK VENINGA: I was born here in Dallas, went to high school here and then went to Stanford University in California and returned here to Dallas at Southwestern Medical School. I finished my residency here in Dallas and then did a surgical endoscopy fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1987 I've been in practice in the North Texas area and specifically been on staff at Trinity Medical Center here in Carrollton since that time. I began doing bariatric surgery in 2000 after looking into it in 1999 when I first realized that there was a way of actually treating diabetes surgically. The first meeting of the American Society of Bariatric and now Metabolic Surgery I attended there was a surgeon who was the outgoing president and one of the things he said during his lecture struck me, and that was that he was proud to be a bariatric surgeon. You have to understand that when I began entering into bariatric surgery, many individuals thought that it was a quasi appropriate end ever for a surgeon. It is now main stream, but at that time it was considered marginal. I believe there is nothing I do, as a surgeon, whish actually provides more long term benefits in health than doing bariatric surgery. I am proud of being a bariatric surgeon .