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Minimize Scarring and Reduce Recovery Time with Single-incision Robotic Surgery

woman standing in wheat fieldOur top priority at North Texas Bariatric & General Surgery is to improve our patients' quality of life in the safest, most effective way available. Dr. Frank Veninga uses the da Vinci™ Surgical System to perform single-incision robotic surgery at our Dallas practice. This advanced approach to surgery allows Dr. Veninga to perform an entire procedure using just one very small incision. The more precise movement and control offered by the robotic tools results in enhanced healing and minimal trauma at the treatment site and in surrounding tissue. You can learn more about whether robotic surgery using the single-incision approach is right for you during a consultation. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our practice today

What is Single-incision Robotic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, refers to a minimally invasive approach that uses tiny incisions - as opposed to larger incisions used in traditional surgery - to access the treatment site. This advanced technique has been recognized for its many benefits, and is commonly used for a range of procedures. Single-incision surgery takes this technique to a new level, allowing the surgeon to use only one small incision during an operation. Gall bladder surgery and sleeve gastrectomy are two procedures that can easily be performed using one incision to access the abdomen. 

Robotic surgery allows Dr. Veninga to perform single-incision laparoscopic surgery more accurately, using a high-definition 3-D vision system for an up-close view of the surgical site. During your procedure, Dr. Veninga will insert a tiny endoscope (a flexible tube containing and light and camera at its tip) through the incision, allowing him to view the inside of the abdomen on a large monitor throughout the operation. An operating console allows Dr. Veninga to manipulate four robotic arms holding small surgical instruments. This advanced technology allows a greater range of motion than the human wrist can achieve, so ultra-precise movement can be executed on an even smaller scale.

Unique Benefits of Single-incision Robotic Surgery

Single-incision robotic surgery combines the wealth of benefits offered by the da Vinci™ system with the latest laparoscopic techniques. Dr. Veninga is an expert in robotic surgery, and can use this sophisticated technique to help you experience the best possible results. He prefers single-incision robotic surgery for its minimal scarring, increased patient safety, and reduced trauma to surrounding tissue, which results in a faster healing time.

Meanwhile, it is very important to understand that not everyone is a good candidate for single-incision robotic surgery, and traditional surgery may be preferable in some cases. We can determine whether single-incision robotic surgery is a good fit for your condition and treatment goals during a thorough examination and evaluation. Your safety is most important to us, and we will take great care to determine the safest approach to meeting your needs.

Learn More during a Consultation

Trust your health and safety to an experienced, compassionate surgeon with proven expertise in today's latest surgical techniques. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation, and learn whether you are a good candidate for single-incision robotic surgery. 

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