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Patient Information

When you choose to have weight loss surgery, we will provide you with a wealth of patient information about the treatment you will undergo at the Dallas Surgery Center or Carrollton's Baylor Medical Center, and your responsibilities before and after surgery. You will receive guidance about insurance, and, if necessary, financing for your procedure. We feel that when patients have all the information they need and understand the reasons for our instructions, they have the best chance for success in maintaining weight loss. If at any point you have questions that remain unanswered, please contact North Texas Bariatric. Dr. Veninga or a knowledgeable staff member will make sure that you get the information that you need.

For the New Patient – Convenient Online Forms

Dr. Frank Veninga and his staff welcome you to North Texas Bariatric. We applaud the commitment you have made to yourself to change your life with bariatric surgery.

If you plan to pay in cash, please also download and read:

We'll need to know about you before we can begin treatment, so all new patients should also download and fill out the forms in our New Patient Packet:

And to speed your admission to our surgical weight loss program, we encourage you to download and fill out our Medical Records Release form so that we can obtain a copy of your medical records from your primary care physician:

For your convenience, our forms are available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats. For people who don't have a PDF reader, the Adobe Reader is available as a free download. Please don't hesitate to contact us at North Texas Bariatric if you have questions. Our goal is to make your entrance into our program as smooth and trouble-free as possible.


North Texas Bariatric is in strict compliance with all requirements of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Any and all medical information we have on file regarding you and your treatment will be kept private, to the extent required by state and federal law. At the time of your initial consultation a copy of our Notice of Privacy Policies and Practices will be provided to you. If you have any questions regarding this information prior to your first initial consultation, please contact the HIPAA officer for North Texas Bariatric at (972) 395-5527.

Pre-Op Instructions – In Preparation for Surgery

Call Day Surgery one week prior to surgery date to schedule pre-op appointment (972-394-2470). The appointment is for lab work, chest X-ray, EKG, and any other tests Dr. Veninga may order. The hospital will need all your insurance information and they will let you know where to report the morning of surgery. You will need to arrive one to two hours prior to your surgery time.

Dr. Veninga has all patients begin the OPTIFAST® diet two weeks prior to surgery. You take five servings a day. This is a fortified meal replacement which will result in considerable weight loss, much of it water weight. This results in a smaller liver and less upper abdominal fat, which should make the operation technically easier to perform.

Do not eat or drink anything past midnight the night before your surgery. On both the night before surgery and the morning of surgery, scrub your abdomen with Hibiclens. Hibiclens can be purchased at most drug or grocery stores. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please feel free to call the office: 972-939-8218.

Rules for Post-Op Success

To help ensure the long-term success of your weight loss surgery, you should closely follow our post-op rules:

  • Eat three small meals per day.
  • Eat only nutritional solid food.
  • Eat slowly, and when you feel full, stop eating. If you feel full after consuming less food than is prescribed, don't try to eat more. If your prescribed meals do not give you a sense of satiety, or if you feel hungry within an hour after eating, contact North Texas Bariatric to schedule an evaluation.
  • You must not eat between meals.
  • Do not drink liquids with your meals.
  • All liquids you consume must be low calorie or, preferably, have zero calories.
  • Do not eat sugary foods or other foods with a high caloric content. Gastric banding cannot control the introduction of high-calorie foods if they are in liquid or slurry form.
  • Stay away from foods that cause gastric distress. Reduce your coffee consumption. Do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks for the first three to six months.

After your surgery, you will receive printed instructions for the dietary protocol you must follow. We will also provide instructions on the appropriate dietary supplements for you following surgery. Six Weeks Post-Op

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements will be an essential part of your diet following surgery. We at North Texas Bariatric highly recommend OPTIFAST®, Beneprotein®, and Achieve One™ protein supplements. These products taste great and provide you with an excellent source for your daily protein requirements. We have OPTIFAST® and Beneprotein® products for sale in our office.

OPTIFAST® Products

OPTIFAST® protein drinks cost $17.00 per box and come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.

OPTIFAST® Chicken Soup and Tomato Soup are each priced at $17.00 per box.


Beneprotein® is a concentrated source of high-quality protein that mixes instantly into beverages and a wide variety of foods without affecting flavor or texture. This outstanding product costs $12.00 per can.

Downloadable Diet Instructions

OPTIFAST® Diet Instructions.pdf

Support Group Meetings and Events

We encourage you to attend our support-group meetings on a consistent basis. You will not only help yourself achieve your weight loss goals; by simply attending you will also provide support and encouragement to people who are striving to achieve similar goals. We also hope to see you on our First-Saturday Walks held the first Saturday of every month in Plano's lovely Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Enjoy the camaraderie and fun of being with people who understand your experiences and fully support you in your efforts to accomplish and maintain your weight loss objectives. Please contact us for specific meeting locations, dates, and times.

Please remember that the support group is open to all patients who have had bariatric surgery. Other physician groups are welcome!

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Learn More 

To learn more about bariatric surgery, contact North Texas Bariatric to schedule a consultation or speak with one of our professional staff members. We strive to provide our patients with complete information about weight loss surgery, so please contact us with any questions you have.

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