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The Benefits of Single-Incision Bariatric Surgery

Jun 13, 2017 @ 12:45 PM – by Frank Veninga

Single-incision gastric sleeve surgerySinge-incision bariatric surgery refers to a weight loss procedure that is completed through just one incision made on the abdomen. This differs from an open surgery which involves a large incision along the abdomen, and it also differs from traditional laparoscopic weight loss surgery, which involves multiple small incisions on the abdomen (typically five or six). While both of these can be effective, our Dallas weight loss surgery center prefers to use the least invasive procedures possible.

Thanks to advanced technology and instruments, the single-incision bariatric surgery procedure uses just one incision. This incision may be hidden in the belly button or it may be placed elsewhere on the abdomen to ensure optimal surgical results. This can be tailored to the needs of the patient during the consultation process. Single-incision surgery is a good option for people undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve), and it has plenty of benefits and advantages.

Less Visible or Invisible Scarring

With the entire procedure carried out through just one small incision, this greatly reduces the amount of visible scarring following the surgery. If the incision is located on the side of the abdomen, the incision will be small and hard to notice even when the patient is not wearing a shirt. If the incision is able to be placed in the belly button, the surgical scar will be hidden and unnoticeable.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Open surgery can increase your risk of infection given the exposure of the organs and the nature of the procedure. Laparoscopic surgeries helped reduce that risk by making several small incisions and avoiding exposure of any internal organs. With a single-incision surgery, the risk is further reduced. There is an even smaller chance of infection during the procedure and during the recovery process.

Less Pain During Recovery

With only one incision made, patients are likely to experience less pain after the surgery is completed. While some discomfort is natural, it will not be as pronounced as the pain experienced following an open surgery with a large incision or even a laparoscopic surgery with several small incisions. Patients typically feel better sooner, which is always a good thing.

Faster Recovery Times

With just one small incision to be concerned about, patients often notice that their healing times are much quicker. This is especially true when compared to open surgery. Patients will be able to be back on their feet and ready to return to work sooner. Being able to return to life as usual is always a good thing.

Is Single-Incision Surgery Right for Me?

As noted above, single-incision bariatric surgery isn't right for all procedures. To find out if the surgery is ideal for you and your needs, it's important to visit the practice for a full consultation. During this process, we will be sure to provide you with all the information and answers you need to make a smart choice about your surgical weight loss options.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery

For more information about weight loss surgery options and how they can benefit you, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today. We will work with you to ensure your surgery is as safe and effective as possible.

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