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Improve Your Quality of Life with Minimally Invasive Single-incision Bariatric Surgery

woman with hand weightsDr. Frank Veninga is committed to helping patients battling obesity overcome their condition and improve their quality of life through bariatric surgery. He prefers laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive technique that offers benefits like reduced recovery time and minimized scarring. Single-incision bariatric surgery, offered at our Dallas practice, incorporates robotic surgical tools to perform an entire operation using just one small incision in the abdomen. If you have struggled to achieve a stable, healthy weight, and are ready to commit to the lifestyle changes that bariatric surgery requires, schedule a consultation with us today. Dr. Veninga can determine whether you are a good candidate for single-incision bariatric surgery. 

Single-incision Surgery

Dr. Veninga specializes in laparascopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery or single-port access surgery, which uses tiny incisions (roughly a half inch long) to access the inner structures of the abdomen. Single-incision surgery is a landmark in the advancement in this technique. During your procedure, Dr. Veninga will insert a laparoscope, a tiny camera which allows him to view the surgical site and surrounding tissues on a large monitor. The laparoscope and all surgical tools will be inserted through this single incision, making it one of the most minimally invasive techniques used today. 

Obese patients are at greater risk for developing post-operative incisional complications such as infections, hernias, and dehiscence (rupture of the wound along surgical suture). These patients can also face an overall greater difficulty with healing due to the diabetic and metabolic syndrome co-morbidities associated with obesity. Single incision laparoscopic bariatric surgery (SILBS) addresses these concerns by reducing the incision involved as much as possible. Instead of the traditional five to six incisions used with laparoscopy, the procedure is done through one single incision. Several studies indicate that SILBS is a feasible, safe and often preferred alternative to traditional laparoscopy or open surgery for appropriate candidates.

Applications and Benefits

Single-incision surgery may be recommended for sleeve gastrectomy. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure in which a large portion of the stomach is removed to reduce its size. Once the capacity of the stomach is reduced, patients experience a significant decrease in their appetite, helping them better control their caloric intake. 

Using just one incision during surgery naturally offers a number of patient benefits. Overall, patient safety is increased because the risk of complications is dramatically reduced. Reduced trauma results in minimized bleeding and discomfort, and minimizes recovery time. This can even translate to cost savings, since hospital stays are shorter than those following traditional surgery. Once you have healed, you can expect to have only one small, thin scar. 

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

Advancements in bariatric surgery techniques are making treatment safer and more effective than ever before. Choosing an experienced, compassionate surgeon to provide your care is one of the most important steps you can take towards living a healthy, active life again. Schedule a consultation at our practice today to learn more about your treatment options and the benefits of single-incision bariatric surgery. 

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